I Never Experienced so much pain in my Life!

Smiling through the pain is what Cecilia Schutte does...and does very well. Her smile masks the pain brought upon by jellyfish stings and the discomfort of cold water doses in marathon amounts.

Cecilia Schutte, an accomplished extreme swimmer, has completed a number of extreme swims including an unprecedented triple circumnavigation of Robben Island around 33kms in 12 hours 23 minutes a distance almost that of the English Channel. Setting 2 new world records for this swim. And earlier won the Gordon Pugh Memorial Trophy for the Most Outstanding Swim of the Year from the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association. The latter being for her earlier 23 km swim where her smiles were nearly as constant as the blue bottles. A route never been accomplished by anyone before, from Big Bay, around Robben Island and back.

"In Extreme marathon swimming there are so many variables, currents, water temp, air temp, jelly fish, blue bottles, not to mention great white shark, notorious in our Atlantic waters, many variables that contribute to time spent in the water and whether you end up attaining the goal of getting to the other end. Just completing such a tough swim is an achievement in itself. Speed is not the watchword in this sport, it's definitely the 'target attained' which is the accomplishment in itself."

She is also known for her Ice Swims in water temps below 5C and becoming the first South African women to have swum an Ice Mile and the first women to be accepted in the International Ice Swimming Association.

She is very active in youth development especially under the underprivileged youth. She dedicates her swims to raise funds for the youth development programs she supports, like Splash and environmental programs, like SANCCOB.

This South African's passion, to change the conditions of those around her, has been a motivation from a very young age.

My mission is to use extreme swimming to inspire people to shrug off their fear of conquering the elements and to push the boundaries of the body's capacity to endure. I achieve this with my mindset, which is based on the premise that your control over your mind manifests itself in your control over the physical aspects of life, and I want to inspire people to throw off the bondage of fear and limits, and push themselves to new limits every day. I believe we all have a bit of superhuman in us, and that if we reach deep within and draw on our courage and conquer our thoughts, we can surmount anything. I have been a swimmer and water sports enthusiast as far back as I can remember, and firmly believe that swimming is the one sport that everyone can relate to, regardless of culture, age or nationality. The idea of an open water swimming marathon is exciting to many people. I hope that what I do inspires other young men and women to push their own boundaries, and to use their own talents to better the conditions of others. I do feel it my duty to use my talent to improve conditions locally and abroad.

"I've always had a desire to conquer new territory, and Ice Swimming and Extreme Marathon swimming is a sport that very few women have participated in, as it is very physically and mentally challenging. Ice Swimming entails swimming in water temperature that is under 5 degrees, which means that your body not only has to be super-fit, but able to withstand severe cold conditions.

My inspiration is a deep desire to contribute to the social conditions in the world – and particularly in my own country among people and youth in general. I intend to make this an integral part of every challenge I undertake.

Cecilia now also sets up custom made seminars and talks, where you get the tools right there to improve your life. In between all this she helps small companies get onto their feet by creating basic websites for them at a special rate, her motivation being that by helping entrepreneurs and small business, we can then contribute by jobs being created and therefore contributing to the economy of the country.

This very busy Capetonian will also be launching a health program this year to help people of any sector of life to improve their way of life through healthy living. Based on research and her experience in building the energy levels needed to do ultra marathon swimming she has learned that combining a program for health and strengthening your mental ability to handle obstacles in life you can truly live a more fulfilling life."

To find out more or to connect with Cecilia Schutte,  connect on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeciliaSchutte.info

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